#20 Fisher Stevens: What did Leo DiCaprio and you learn about climate change from shooting ‘Before the Flood’?


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Welcome back to Climaware. In this English episode, Roberta and Gabriel interview Oscar-winner, producer, actor and filmmaker Fisher Stevens about his views on climate change, what he learned from shooting the climate documentary ‘Before the Flood’ (2016), how he’d evaluate the movie’s impact 5 years later and how he would approach a potential sequel.
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TOPICS & QUESTIONS with timestamps:

3:00 — What are you currently working on? Where are we catching you at the moment?

5:02 — Why did you choose the environment (and climate change) as one of your major topics

9:40 — Why did you choose those specific places/stories that are shown in your climate documentary “Before the Flood”?

13:36 — How did you change the storytelling of “Before the Flood”, addressing skeptical people too, versus a “normal” documentary?

16:22 — How did you evaluate Before the Flood’s impact? And how would you evaluate it now, 5 years later?

20:16 — How would you approach another climate documentary today (e.g., a sequel to Before the Flood)?

24:01 — What’s the role of movies/documentaries in solving climate change?

27:50 — About corruption and politics

28:29 — What would be a good way to produce climate-friendly movies?

32:52 — What are your hopes for the new US administration and President Joe Biden?

39:17 — As a conclusion: What’s the most important thing you learned about climate change and our fight against it?

41:29 — Do you have a movie or documentary recommendation?

42:56 — Do you have a final remark for our audience?

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Norwegian Netflix show ‘Occupied’ about oil and gas drilling (Wikipedia article)
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