Melissa Lavasani - You can vote for Magic Mushrooms (Yes, that's right, in Washington!)


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Melissa Lavasani’s story in a nutshell: After suffering from a depression that nothing seemed to help, she finally learned about the potential of plant medicine (via a Podcast!) - but what would the other Moms at her children’s school say? Would she have to break the law to save herself? Well she made the choice to prioritise her mental health, and eventually started to thrive, which inspired her to become the force behind Decriminalise Washington - a political initiative helping decriminalise magic mushrooms and plant medicine so they can be used to treat depression.In the podcast, we talk about the so-called Baby Blues, which is the nice and easy word for postpartum depression and we talk about why becoming a mother is a full on identity crisis and can trigger things one never thought about. We talk about how a normal mum can be the best spokesperson for psychedelics and why it's good to convince as many republicans as possible, especially in the upcoming election, that psilocybin will help to save lives.

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