Daniel Carcillo - Mushrooms saved my life, when nothing under the sun helped.


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We have a patient story on our hands today. And an athlete story. It is the story of Daniel Carcillo, who still goes under the Twitter -Name “CarBombBoom13” Daniel was known as “Car Bomb” during his NHL (National Hockey League) career because he played — and lived — with reckless abandon. According to his doctor, he also had seven diagnosed concussions. They contended that the NHL knowingly withheld information about the dangers of hockey-related brain injuries, actively promoted fighting and failed to assist players in the transition from the ice to everyday living.” writes the NYT. After suffering from depression, concussion and traumatic brain injury, Daniel tried everything, but nothing helped, his state of mind and body got worse. How does it feel, when your tried everything “under the sun”, as Daniel says. Finally, Daniel found someone, who gave him access to a so called hero dose, a very high dose, of psilocybin, which helped Daniel to come back to a life, his life. Now, Daniel wants to support the “traumatised community” he once came from, he is a plant medicine and fungi advocate. He is a farmer and entrepreneur with a fully integrated cannabis and medicinal mushroom business. Now, Daniel is the face of the decriminalise Chicago movement, talking about his journey with psychedelics, using them as a tool to heal.

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