Bia Labate: “Using Ayahuasca for human beings is like an oil change for cars.”


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Brazil alert! My guest today is Dr. Bia Labate, a queer Brazilian anthropologist, ayahuasca expert, sociologist, author and cofounder of the Chacruna Institute. Bia Labate is one of the real experts in the field of plant medicine. And there is a lot to talk about, much more than just vomiting in a bucket, after drinking the psychedelic tea.When it comes to plant medicines, drug policy, shamanism, ritual, and religion, Bia is a pro and her Chacruna Institute is an organization that provides public education about psychedelic plant medicines and promotes a bridge between the ceremonial use of sacred plants and psychedelic science. Bia and I discuss Ayahuasca as a spiritual mentor, a teacher, a friend, as something that gives you homework to do with yourself and as something that is deeply rooted in South American culture. Bia has 23 years experience with Ayahuasca, a plant that gave her the feeling of “being at home for the first time”. We also talk about cultural appropriation and mindfulness towards the indigenous people, who are the ones providing the knowledge and the substances, diversity.

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