Jonathan de Potter - What is a psychedelic CEO?


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Heard of the potential of psychedelics for new ideas on leadership and supporting your creativity as an entrepreneur or executive? Meet my guest and expert on this today! It is Jonathan de Potter, the founder of Behold Retreats a special legal, vetted and safe retreat for leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. And btw, a portion of Beholds revenues is going to Fireside Project - the free psychedelic harm reduction hotline. Jonathan talks to me about the psychedelic CEO, how integration of the psychedelic experience is on of the most important topics after the psychedelic experience itself, how new ideas for a company can come out of an experience all together. But also how much the, often stressed and high pressured personal life of a CEO is connected to all of this and that there is no end of evolution for your consciousness, even if you try so hard to achieve it. So if you you are an entrepreneur , CEO or in a leadership position and you know that the top down fear based hierarchy in companies is in the process of being replaced by a more servant leadership. And that we need new ideas, new structures and new insights for our world, not only in business.

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