Hamilton Morris - How to be non-judgemental with psychedelics.


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Yes, it’s the famous Hamilton Morris who is my guest today. Hamilton is an American journalist, documentarian, and scientific researcher. He is the creator and director of the television series “Hamilton's Pharmacopeia”, in which he investigates the chemistry, history, and cultural impact of various psychoactive drugs. Now Hamilton is on the third season of his show, which was released on January 4, 2021.The show runs on Vice TV and YT. Hamilton started to engage early into very personalised and you could say customised research of drugs and substances. He always had an interesting aura around him on camera, a mixture of a daring guinea pig and scientist. The episodes of his show had names, that made it clear . how un judgmental and curious Hamilton was approaching psychedelic substance as his topic. At this point in his life as a psychedelic expert, Hamilton is moving towards psychedelic research, inspired by the great american bio chemist Alexander Shulgin. (https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/the-magic-chemicals-of-psychedelic-wizard-sasha-shulgin) So for the future, Morris has mainly the tweaking of molecules in mind, and that in the context of a university. Hamilton and I talk about why we are developing a new idea of drugs and psychedelics as we speak, the meaning of molecules and the freedom of researching new molecules, the advantages to approach psychedelics in a completely non-judgmental and undogmatic fashion, and of course we address Hamilton's favorite topic: the Sonoran Desert toad, or Bufo alvarius and the potent psychedelic compound called 5-MeO-DMT. https://www.vicetv.com/en_us/show/hamiltons-pharmacopeia https://www.patreon.com/HamiltonMorris

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