Dreams to Nightmares


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Public presentation of the Policy Makers Conference with the research network "Migration – Trauma in Transition" When survivors go ashore European and partner countries, they encounter people who feel the immediate urge to help - but also people full of resentments, anxieties and doubts. Both, optimistic compassion and fearful avoidance are rooted in unconscious convictions and expectations, shaped by different national histories along the Balkan route and in the target countries. Since 2017, the international DAAD research network "Migration, Trauma in Transition" has been working to make the psychological expertise of scientists available to refugee aid. Clinical and psychological trauma researchers are working with experts from refugee work. On 1 December 2018, a conference with political decision-makers from countries along the Balkan route was held at the IPU Berlin to develop the practical implementation of this knowledge. A central component were three parallel workshops on the topics of integration, education and mental health. The Conference modified and finalised best practice recommendations. This public presentation followed the workshops, the results of the issues addressed were presented and discussed.

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