Onur Yildirim/ Field Trip Health - Inside a legal, safe & vetted truffle experience


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My guest today is Onur Yildirim, Director of Field Trip Health Amsterdam, a place that offers legal, safe and vetted experiences and possibilities to rediscover life through psychedelics. Field Trip Health stands for scientifically supported, legal psychedelic experiences that liberate and inspire you, and works with a step-by-step, professional approach to the use of psychedelics. This includes preparatory sessions and integrative therapy sessions. In Amsterdam Field Trip is working with truffles, in The US and Canada with ketamine. Onur, who leads a team of experienced therapists and psychiatrist at FT; was originally trained in clinical psychology and worked as a psychologist during the first years of his career. Later, Onur earned his PhD in neuroscience from Radboud University and worked in the R&D and MA of established pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Novartis, where he championed the research of psychedelic molecules as potential antidepressants. After his time in the pharmaceutical industry, he began his entrepreneurial career which eventually led him to Field Trip. Onur and I talk about what happens if you make the decision to engage in a psychedelic journey at FT, who are the people that are interested in this and why the times of Covid are encouraging people to look into psychedelic support systems, if possible. And full disclosure, I have done a guided Truffle experience at Field Trip in Amsterdam and it brought me many new insights. I decided to engage in a truffle experience twice year - a tool to support my own life's and founder's journey.

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