An epic Interview with the MASTER OF RUNNING ART 🖌️🎨🖼️ (STRAVA ART): Mr. Lenny Maughan (San Francisco)


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Yes, this title fits the podcast content very well.

Our small German running podcast had the honour to get a nice little talk to someone very special out there in the running world: Mr. Lenny Maughan.

Lenny is doing absolute crazy things just with his feed: He is a running artist/ street artist. He is shaping sculptures with his GPS device on the maps while running all day long. And because he is so good in this special kind of art, we are pretty sure he is one of the world leading running artists. So Lenny: thanks again, that you took us in your world of running art and for telling us some special isues about your life as an artist.

Lennys sculptures you can see if you google his name or just follow this link on instagram:

Please, Lenny, keep on doing this cool running art, we will keep on telling everybody we know to have a look at your artwork.

This Podcast is mainly in english although it has German content between Minute 1:10 and 9:00 (Skip that segment, if you don´t like to listen to our funny German voices)

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merry Christmas to all of you

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