Prof- Dr. Gerhard Gründer - Will there be a psychedelic psychiatry?


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Today we are checking in with a scientist again, and a really important one for our German-speaking audience. Meet Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer, a Professor of Psychiatry and head of the Molecular Neuroimaging Department at the Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim. He is the Principal Investigator of the German Psilocybin Depression Trial conducted by ZI Mannheim and Charité Berlin. He is also the Principal Investigator at the aforementioned Psilocybin Depression Study in cooperation with the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Research. Just a little note: this episode today will be in German, and we will talk about the first major psilocybin study, which is supported by the German government. There is tons of information about psychedelics already out there in English, but not so much in German. German-speakers, please enjoy our interview! Professor Gründer and I discuss the lack of innovation in psychiatry when it comes to medication, the old school and new schools of depression research, ketamine therapy as a temporary solution, and why depression and mental health will soon be looked at and researched in a new way.

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