Charley Wininger - Will we have couples therapy on MDMA?


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I talk to, Charley Wininger. Great guy, experienced psychedelic pro. He is a licensed Psychoanalyst and Mental Health Counselor for individuals and couples. Charley is an author and an expert on Psychedelic Drugs, the 71-year-old is a also a relationship counsellor who calls MDMA the “relationship super glue” and just published the book called. “Listening to ecstasy” When reading about Charleys book, I was wondering: is our connection on a neural level the most important one? Charley must know. In is book he talks about his “MDMA” journey with his wife Shelley, since the two of them, you could say, became relationship scientist with the support of ecstasy. Since the ideas of marriage and relationships have changed big time and we seem to need new tools to understand each others minds and hearts. Charley and I talk about the rediscovery of MDMA in the context of the psychedelic renaissance. And how MDMA could supports couples therapy in the future and what that would mean for love. Enjoy Charley explaining a new possible “relationship glue” called MDMA.

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