Nanjira Sambuli on »The Geopolitics of Digital Transformation«


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Impressions of the 175th Bergedorf Round Table

How does the competition for technological leadership affect the global balance of power? How should cyberspace and new technologies be regulated, and by whom? Nanjira Sambuli, board member at the Digital Impact Alliance, President of the Transform Health Coalition and advisor to Carnegie Council’s AI and Equality Initiative, shares her expertise and her impressions of the 175th Bergedorf Round Table on “The Geopolitics of Digital Transformation.” Nanjira Sambuli is convinced that the regulation of new technologies needs to include everyone in our society. Thus, in this episode of »Improving Society« she and our host, Diana Huth, talk about threats and chances of new technologies, about equality and diversity.

More about Nanjira's work at DIAL: More about the Bergedorf Round Table:

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