126: Climate Anxiety: How to Turn Worry Into Compassionate Action| Dr. Renee Lertzman


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We are talking climate anxiety, trauma, and validating our feelings with Dr. Renée Lertzman, a renowned psychologist, author and sustainability strategist who uses psychological insights to change our approach to the environmental crisis. Applying her training as a psychosocial researcher specializing in deep human insights, Dr. Lertzman uses frameworks and methods that empower people to take action (which she shares with us!). Renée is the founder of Project InsideOut, a unique resource hub launching this week that brings together activists with clinical psychologists to drive sustainable behavior change for our planet. Her TED Talk, ‘How To Turn Climate Anxiety into Action,’ completely shifted my own feelings and validated my sometimes-overwhelming sense of eco-guilt.

Dr. Lertzman works with companies, nonprofits and governments looking to strengthen climate and sustainability initiatives, develop more effective campaigns, and harness the creativity and innovation needed to solve big problems. Her perspectives have appeared in CNN, Rolling Stone, NPR, The Ecologist, Climate Access, Sustainable Brands, and on the stage via her TED Talk. She has also designed and taught courses on the psychology of climate change and environment since 2001, and is a founding member of the Climate Psychology Alliance.

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