125: Cultural Sustainability + Family Eco Practices: Chic Chats


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We’re talking with about our cultures, our upbringings, and what sustainability looks like in our families – things that are not the beautiful minimalistic images we’re seeing on Instagram. Five community members join us today to share stories and cultural values, plus how those practices have influenced their adult, grown-up choices. Sustainability is personal, because it’s a lifestyle, and it’s not fair to say that sustainability needs to look a certain way to be done “correctly.” I am thankful to be joined today by:

  • Sabina – she is Australian; we discuss the home her family built and her low-key hippie parents (so fun!)
  • Eyra – she is Salvadorian; we talk about immigrating to the U.S., poverty and the financial necessity behind some so-called sustainability practices
  • Ashley – she is Mexican-American;we talk about food, family traditions, how some cultural practices (like capsule wardrobes) weren’t trendy before they were marketed as sustainability
  • Michelle – she is Salvadorian, and first generation American; we talk about little things at home like how you use your kitchen and how you maintain some of those sustainable practices as you assimilate into American culture
  • Bea – she is Filipino; she shares her experiences comparing and contrasting how she lives in the Phillipines versus in California, plus some take-home tips for you if you’re interested in adopting some additional sustainability practices

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