124: We Have All The Climate Solutions We Need – Why Aren’t We Acting? | Julia Jackson, Grounded.org


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Julia Jackson joins us to discuss the interdisciplinary solutions that could save us *today* from the climate crisis! Julia Jackson is the founder of Grounded.org, and is committed to bringing together the brightest minds and leading solutionists to foster greater collaboration, drive mass awareness and scale game-changing solutions to urgently address the climate crisis. As a second generation proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, Julia shares the value of land stewardship and strategic philanthropic giving. Through Grounded, Julia has dedicated herself to positively impacting our planet’s trajectory and has worked to forge strategic partnerships between leading climate-focused organizations such as One Earth, Sea Legacy, Amazon Frontlines, and many others.

Julia and I discuss her background and the founding of Grounded; the value of interdisciplinary collaboration; regenerative agriculture, ecocide, and the importance of indigenous knowledge; carbon sinks; today’s fires on the West Coast of the us… Julia is so open, vulnerable, and shares such a holistic understanding of the climate crisis and climate solutions.

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