EP271: A Breakthrough Natural Solution for Anxiety, Insomnia & Brain Fog with Cameron George


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Several studies have shown a spike in anxiety, depression, and insomnia within the last year.

In fact, people are 3x more likely to have anxiety or depressive disorders (vs. 2019) and insomnia rates are up 37%.

And while many people turn to alcohol, drugs, or benzos to calm down, there’s an evidence-based, natural solution that comes with side benefits rather than scary side effects.

That solution is Tru Kava.

I learned about Tru Kava in March of last year, and have been using it to help me chill out and get more deep sleep ever since!

It works as an alcohol replacement and sleep tonic, AND it can also improve mental clarity.

Please note: if you search “kava” in google you will most likely find that kava causes liver issues, but please know that the kava that caused liver issues was made by a pharmaceutical company and is NOT the same as Tru Kava or the kava that has been used and revered for over 3000 years in places like Vanuatu.

It makes me so sad to think that people will miss out on the incredible benefits of this powerful plant because of this misunderstanding!

Tune in to this week’s podcast to learn all about the benefits of kava, the nuances in its production, and how to use it for best results with the founder of Tru Kava, Cameron George. Cameron's story of transformation made my hair stand on end and I hope you love this podcast as much as I did. Here are some of the highlights….

  • A morning tonic for better brain function
  • The limitations (and dangers) of common medications
  • The benefits of kava
  • The difference between kava and alcohol
  • The difference between kava and benzos
  • The mechanisms by which kava reduces anxiety
  • Reverse tolerance (and why it’s a good thing!)
  • How kava helps you chill out and sleep better
  • How kava improves antioxidant production
  • How kava blocks brain toxicity
  • Why (and how) kava can reduce pain
  • How kava reduces appetite and improves fat burning
  • Which forms of kava are safe
  • How to take kava for best results
  • Is kava safe for kids?
  • Can kava help with ADHD?
  • And so much more

This is one of my favorite products EVER so please tag anyone you know and love who might benefit from this powerful information in the comments below.

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