Made of Awareness


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When times are intense, a consistent practise is key for our overall wellbeing. In this guided meditation, awareness is filling out our bodies to touch the whole inside – let yourself be made of awareness. And discover how incredible comfort is possible for your being, when you step out of your thought stream. Let’s practice together this weekend, shall we? The world is in turmoil, many of us face individual heartbreak and old wounds flare up again. We need ways to support ourselves and each other. Practicing is one way. But: Change isn’t happening overnight, there is no magic wand to ease the suffering of the world or your individual pain. But practicing again and again builds new pathways; new pathways toward more ease and space in your life. Take some time this weekend to care for yourself and in doing so, for the whole world. (Note: I am simply sharing my own way of practicing here which I learned from and with Kiran Trace. I’m also influenced by my dear friend Meg Roekle who hosts monthly meditations with Embodied Together. I have not invented anything of what I offer, it is an assemblage of everything I’ve learned and my own approach to it.)

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