Breathwork Detox with Kurtis Thomas


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Breathing is so powerful because it is the one thing we all share. As powerful as it can be that it can clear out emotional stress, overcome trauma and lead to healing wonders. Today's guest shares about the miracles brought by Breathwork. Kurtis Lee Thomas is a corporate mindfulness trainer and founder of Breathwork Detox. He's the #1 best-selling author of The World is Yours The Secrets Behind "The Secret", and author of the #1 New Release on Amazon, How To Thrive in the Age of Anxiety. In today's episode, Kurtis shares the capability of breathwork and how it can give life-changing effects in overcoming trauma. In search of pain relief, breathwork has been the most effective to him. He further explains a flow state called transient hypofrontality and how it can give tremendous clarity. Listen to this episode, and this might be what you need to conquer your emotional stress and traumas in life. Tune in. The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at

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