Clare Grey researches the ultimate battery


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The Körber European Science Prize 2021

Here we go again: The Körber European Science Prize 2021 and one million Euro prize money go to Clare Grey. The Britisch Chemist has performed pioneering work in using NMR spectroscopy to optimize batteries. She views her basic research as an important contribution to achieving the European Union’s declared goal of climate neutrality by 2050. In this episode, we clarify the myths about lemons being batteries and how we should handle our smartphones to ensure longevity of its batteries. Grey wants to use the price money to use the money to “develop more sensitive methods to follow batteries as they are cycling. The new method will use microwaves to enhance the signals near Li metal dendrites and detect impurities in the electrolyte - to find faults in the batteries before they cause serious problems. I also want to use the money to continue my outreach work."

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