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In the chaos of combat, warfighters need fast, secure communications and instant access to information.

However, the digital information age we know today has changed the nature of warfare across all domains.

Military commanders are acutely aware that new networks, systems and technologies are needed to ensure timely and effective communications.

This is Shephard Studio’s podcast series on Five Eyes Connectivity, sponsored by our partner Viasat.

In Series One, we looked at connectivity issues facing the Five Eyes grouping of countries - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US - through the prism of three key technology areas.

For this second series, we are diving further into these issues, speaking to senior military leaders about the work underway to ensure military communication networks can withstand the expected threats of tomorrow.

In this opening episode, we dive into the connectivity issues facing the US military and its further development of the Multi-Domain Operations concept (also now known as Joint All Domain Operations and Joint All-Domain Command and Control).

This episode was produced by Tony Skinner with research support by Jack Austin, scriptwriting by Gerrard Cowan, and audio editing and mastering by Kevin Stokes.

A big thanks to everyone who gave their time to support the project.

This episode was based on open-source information and all participants were expressing their own opinions, not necessarily those of the organisations they represent.

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