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Australia and New Zealand face many of the same defence technology challenges and opportunities as the other Five Eyes nations.
However, they must operate on more limited budgets, while grappling with a rapidly changing Asia-Pacific region.
The two countries are working to adapt to this shifting strategic picture, refocusing their acquisition priorities and preparing for a world of multi-domain operations, in which the nature of warfare itself is changing.
This is Shephard Studio’s podcast series on Five Eyes Connectivity, sponsored by our partner Viasat.

In this second series, we are exploring the military connectivity issues facing the Five Eyes nations and looking at the work underway to ensure communication networks can withstand the expected threats of tomorrow.

Last time we looked at the UK, and heard how a rapidly-shifting threat environment is driving a transformation of British military capabilities.

In today’s episode, we look at two of the smaller partners in the Five Eyes alliance – Australia and New Zealand – and hear how their militaries are responding to a rapidly changing world.

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