How does a democratic school experience feel like? Max Sauber in conversation with Selva Lorenz


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My guest for this Episode is Selva Lorenz. She is 18 years old and started a group of young people that are "Self-Directed Education" Advocates from all over the world. We discuss some aspects on how a democratic school works and about her own educational journey. I had great fun recording this episode thank you so much Selva for sharing your experience :)
The purpose of the "Self-Directed Education" Youth Advocates group:

Unite youth that have experienced this type of education that wish other people were able to experience it.

Connect and be friends with self-directed learners from all over the world.

Take part in and/or propose projects

Help Alternative Education orgs like AERO to get the word out, by using the skills youth are better at (e. g. social media)

Have youth involved in the education revolution and create a culture that understands other types of education than the traditional.

If you are a parent/school/teacher... please share this information with your youth.

If you are a youth interested in joining this group answer this email telling me that you are interested and I'll send you all you need.

Questions or are not sure about something? Feel free to drop an email to:
you can follow Selva on Instagram:

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