Folge 13 - Amanda Cohen (Dirt Candy New York) (english episode)


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Küchengeschichten jenseits eingestaubter Rollenklischees !English podcast episode!! Amanda Cohen is the chef owner of New York City’s renowned restaurant "Dirt Candy". 2018 it’s her business's 10 year anniversary. Amanda calls her cuisine "vegetable centered“, which was still a very unusual progressive concept 10 years ago. This kickass chef talks about how she keeps her business running in a crazy city like NYC, why she released a cookbook that is a graphic novel and why she had to send away Leonardo DiCaprio. Amanda and Sophia talk about the current situation of women in the industry and Amanda reveals the story of how her divine Portobello mushroom mousse literally saved her restaurant. Sophia had the pleasure to enjoy crazy-good dishes like broccoli hot dog, brussels sprout tacos and carrot sliders on a cozy date night and learned more about the joy of deep-frying. Get hungry, listen and learn! Amanda's restaurant in NY - Dirt Candy: Video Munchies/ How To Deep-Fry Vegetables: Amanda's cookbook: Amanda on sexism in the industry:

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