It´s just a piece of paper - but it´s so much more ❘ an interview with Chitra Natarajan


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die Linguistin im Gespräch mit Chitra Natarajan

Chitra Natarajan and her family have been living abroad for many years. Chitra was born and raised in India, has lived in Africa and America but then she moved to Europe. For over 14 years she has been calling the Netherlands her home. Chitra´s daughter is growing up multilingually and multiculturally. It is very common that the family mixes their languages, it fits their international lifestyle and family dynamic. Chitra shares what indian traditions and holidays the family preserves even though the way they are celebrating them is different from the times when Chitra was growing up. And that´s the beauty of living abroad, there is no wrong or right, and every family gets to choose their traditions and their very own way of living.

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