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Hazel by Noodlesoft has attracted many users over the years. Those who use it, like Mac OS X Screencasts, swear by it. Even so, many Mac users want a helping hand that teaches them Hazel, so that they can make better use of it‘s abilities.

The tutorial includes three chapters: basics, intermediate level, and advanced level. Chapter markers allow direct access to each of them. The video includes many useful illustrations to visualize complicated information. Additionally an ebook is included with many links and recommended readings. Presenting the information this way means that everyone can improve at Hazel at their own pace.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Hazel Feature Description
    • Interface Overview
    • App Sweep
    • Clean Trash
    • Testing and Debugging Rules
    • Set color labels
    • Sort into subfolders by kind
  • Chapter 2: Intermediate Level

    • Filing Invoices — Matching Filenames
    • Tokenized Renaming
    • Examples: Clean Mail Downloads, Sync Folders
    • Nested Conditions
    • Examples: Simple On/Off, Any/All sub-files
  • Chapter 3: Advanced

    • Project Folder Setup
    • Script: Convert to Markdown
    • Script: Send links from iPhone to a Mac

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