Ep. #23: Forced Positive Thinking


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Forced Positive Thinking is a trap that I see many new coaching clients fall into. Learning the Self Coaching Model opens up a world of possibility, but it is often misused to try to force happiness. When we learn that our thoughts create our feelings, and that we can choose our thoughts, we gain access to feeling better and doing better in the world. But we also need to recognize that we can't change every single thought we have in a day - even with the best coaching, we are still human.

I also see people drop into forced positive thinking as a way to try and control their feelings and results, but instead of making them feel better, it often just leads to berating themselves for not thinking the thoughts they "should" be thinking, or holds them back from pursuing what they really want in life. In this episode, we'll talk about how to recognize forced positive thinking, and a better alternative for creating true happiness in your life.

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