66. How To Study Effectively: 6 Pillars of Student Success


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New to the podcast? Start here! An overview of all the most important things I'd want you to know about studying effectively for exams:

  1. Prioritisation: "Know Where You’re Going"
  2. Mindset: "Know You Can Get There"
  3. Routine / Time Management: "Make Time For The Journey"
  4. Focus / Concentration: "Eyes On The Road When Driving"
  5. Learn Faster: With The Power Of Retrieval Practice
  6. Remember For Longer: With Spaced Learning (Reptition)

This episode is the first part in a very special 8-part audio course on "How To Study Effectively" (look out for the "H2SE" abbreviation in show titles for the rest of the series).
It will be being broadcast every 2 weeks right here on the Exam Study Expert podcast.
Hosted by William Wadsworth, memory psychologist, independent researcher and study skills coach. https://examstudyexpert.com

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