S2E16: s2E16 DeMario Vitalis - Leaving Hydroponics Better Than How He Found It


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Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show Founder of New Age Provisions, DeMario Vitalis. New Age Provisions is an urban farm that uses state of the art hydroponic technology to farm the freshest culinary herbs, lettuces, leafy greens, and cannabis. In this episode, Harry and DeMario discuss DeMario’s inspirational story, the success he’s achieving and how he’s bringing awareness to possibilities for minority farm owners. DeMario speaks to challenges he’s had to overcome, how ‘food deserts’ are affecting communities throughout the world and the importance of having a supportive family and community.

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Key Takeaways

03:09 – Harry welcomes to the show DeMario Vitalis, who shares his entrepreneurial journey, what attracted him to greeneries and the importance of having a supportive family and community

12:12 – How DeMario decides what he plants in his greenery and what the demand looks like in his market

19:33 – DeMario speaks to the negative impact that ‘food deserts’ have on local communities

23:38 – The value DeMario places on giving back to his community and lessons he’s learned in the vertical farming space

32:56 – DeMario take the audience through a typical day in the life and what he has learned as a business owner

36:30 – DeMario discusses what has influenced his grit, drive and determination and other relationships that have inspired DeMario’s life and career

41:14 – A tough question DeMario has had to ask himself lately, what excites DeMario about the future of hydroponics and a little known fun fact about DeMario

49:03 – Harry thanks DeMario for joining the show and the work he’s doing for his community and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about New Age Provisions


“It was very important for me not only knowing how to grow crops but knowing how to control nutrients and to control the electronic connectivity.” (08:31)

“I’m trying to get things that consumers will appreciate. If I’m growing greens, they’re Top Bunch Collard. If I’m growing mint, it’s not the common mint that you can get in the stores; it’s the spearmint, the peppermint.” (14:52)

“What it [food desert] means is that, within a certain population, people need to travel five or more miles to get to a place of food, like a store.” (21:07)

“I’ve always made a motto that you leave something better than how you found it and always try to make an impact on the world. Whatever you do, make a positive impact, whether it’s on someone’s life, whether it’s by creating something. Things aren’t going to get created by themselves, so they have to have people that will do it. And I’m one of those doers.” (37:04)

“I think having a support structure of friends and family is very important in whatever business you do, no matter if it’s farming, real estate or just life.” (40:27)

“I think local farmers are gonna have more of an important role in the future, especially within the next three to five years.” (44:25)

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