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Join Harry Duran, host of Vertical Farming Podcast, as he welcomes to the show CEO of Eden Green, Eddy Badrina. Eden Green is a vertical farming technology company dedicated to changing the way we farm our food, and feed our communities. In this episode, Harry and Eddy discuss Eddy’s entrepreneurial journey, from working in politics, to launching his own start-up, to becoming CEO of Eden Green. Eddy speaks to his background in digital marketing, his thoughts on risk-taking and his longtime personal and professional goal of creating exponential positive social and cultural change.

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Key Takeaways

03:00 – Harry welcomes to the show Eddy Badrina, who shares his first memories of entrepreneurship, his former role at the State Department and how his faith and the Bush family impacted his career

11:43 – Eddy discusses his first start-up, Buzzshift, trends he’s observed in the vertical farming industry, and the origin story of Eden Green

26:45 – Eddy speaks to Eden Green’s business model, current offerings and future target markets

42:28 – The value Eddy places on social and cultural change and growing an organization built on purpose

44:23 – How Eddy leveraged his background in digital marketing to help grow Eden Green

52:19 – A hard question Eddy has had to ask himself lately and Eddy’s thoughts on the future from 2021 and beyond

1:00:51 – Harry thanks Eddy for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can learn more about Eden Green


“I wanted to leave a social and cultural impact that was a multiple of my level of effort. So, for one unit of energy or effort I was giving out, I wanted it to produce – through a company – 10 or 12x of that unit.” (08:53)

“I remember distinctly H.W. Bush who has since passed away. But, I had a chance to sit down with him and he said to me, ‘I love that you’re interested in public service, but I’d encourage you to establish a career for yourself and make that mark and then, either in tandem or after the fact, go into public service. Because then you’re not necessarily beholden to a salary from that service.” (09:44)

“My parents, what they had taught me in work and in faith is that in everything do it with excellence.” (12:30)

“We have this duel thing at Eden Green of being plant-centric – our greenhouses are plant-centric – but our business is consumer-centric.” (19:35)

“Our foundation [at Eden Green] is scrappy. Our foundation is entrepreneurial. And so, the way that we’re now positioned is these greenhouses are economic units unto themselves. And we just want to provide folks with the opportunity to use them to their benefit.” (25:00)

“That’s really important to me. It’s one of my primary goals, back to this thing that was set in my heart even before I found Eden Green, was I wanted to make a huge social and cultural impact that was exponential to my own level of effort.” (43:01)

“Begin with the end in mind and then reverse engineer.” (46:30)

“To me, the company is the people. Products come and go, but the people are what make the company.” (52:40)

“I want us to be able to thrive on volatility. Most people thrive on stability. I’m training our staff, I’ve focused our team, our company to thrive in chaos.” (57:53)

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