How to Understand Your Trauma & Relationships w/Dr. Shefali EP 1110


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“True empowerment is to take all power back, including blame.”

Today's guest is Dr. Shefali, who received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. She is an expert in family dynamics and personal development. Dr. Shefali’s ground-breaking approach to mindful living and parenting has taken her books to the top of the NY Times best-sellers list. Her blend of clinical psychology and eastern mindfulness sets her apart as a leader in the field of mindfulness psychology.

In this episode Lewis and Dr. Shefali discuss how to awaken yourself and break free from your past, the difference between victim consciousness and victimhood, how to get to the root of what’s causing issues in your relationships, how to re-evaluate the type of relationships you’re in and the boundaries you’re setting, and so much more!

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