RFCE007: ietf 96 Special II - Network Operations Center [English]


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This is the second part of the #ietf96 special and recorded in English. My guest is Clemens Schrimpe. Clemens has been a volunteer to the NOC Team at IETF for many years, as you might already know if you are a frequent listener of this podcast or freakshow. Clemens talks about how the NOC Team sets up the ietf-network and how they bring “the internet” to meeting facilities all over the world. The topics contain timelines, logistics and how the hotel network becomes part of the ietf-net. And of course, me fangirling around.


IETF NOC Team Volunteers:
• Hirochika Asai (The University of Tokyo/WIDE)
• Randy Bush (IIJ)
• Joe Clarke (Cisco)
• Colin Doyle (Right! Systems Inc)
• Bill Fenner (Arista)
• Joel Jaeggli (Fastly)
• Bill Jensen (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
• Hans Kuhn (NSRC)
• Warren Kumari (Google)
• Lucy Lynch (NSRC)
• Jim Martin (INOC)
• Rob Nagy (DeepDive Networking)
• Karen O’Donoghue (ISOC)
• Clemens Schrimpe

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1. Guest: Clemens Schrimpe (00:00:00)

2. IETF NOC Team (00:02:27)

3. Site qualification visit (00:06:46)

4. SSIDs on IETF meeting space (00:18:41)

5. Dropping the Scout (00:43:42)

6. Sharks and cables (01:09:20)

7. Presentation of the internet (01:12:08)

8. Back to the Timeline (01:23:32)

9. Fangirling (01:54:32)

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