"Politicians don't see the value of what we do" - with Ran-D & Sander (Q-Dance) - Episode 024


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Weekend Warriors, the last weekend of June usually is YOUR date

But of course - since the pandemic is hopefully passing by soon, but still present - DEFQON 1 will be held as a virtual event this year.

Our two guests are the Managing Director of Q-Dance Sander Bijlstra and Ambassador and Hardstyle-Icon Ran-D!

We will be talking about how the pandemic made Q-Dance reconsider their media model, why they've built a new service and app for hardstyle fans - and of course we will discuss options to open back up again soon.

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Guests: Ran-D: https://www.instagram.com/djrandofficial/
Sander Bijlstra: twitter.com/sbijlstra
Q-Dance: www.instagram.com/q_dance/

Host: Arian: https://instagram.com/averro_music

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