i heart life: The How-To of Spiritual Living


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We often go about our daily lives without taking a moment for ourselves, to breathe, to center, to connect with who we are deep down inside. This results in stressed, disconnected lives. Strained and deteriorating relationships. But that doesn't have to be! You can enjoy and love life again! You can remember all that is beautiful about this life--about you. Empower yourself with the spiritual principles that govern our lives. Join 'i heart life: the How-To of Spiritual Living' as we discuss: how to stay clear and present, mindfulness, the meaning of life, finding a sense of purpose, faith, inner peace, how to meditate, how to live a fulfilling and happy life, eating for nutrition, love, relationships, exercise and yoga, career, passion, and so much more. Learn from Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, David R Hawkins, Tao te Ching and others on how to live life to the fullest. Your weekly dose of inspiration and look into yourself. Take this time for you! Love life again.

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