(A-Radio) Syndikat-Mobi 7.8.2020: Long jingle EN


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The collective bar Syndikat in Berlin-Neukölln has an eviction date scheduled for 7 August 2020, an eviction backed up by the governing left R2G coalition and pushed forward by Pears Global, a real estate group from London, that manages its roughly more than 6,000 apartments in Berlin through a complex mesh of subsidiaries - and who only came into the public light in the context of Syndikat's resistance. We want to show our support and solidarity with this social space by means of this and other jingles. But there are amore projects in danger of eviction in Berlin. So, get involved - as we are all foing to stay! All jingles in German here: https://www.aradio-berlin.org/alle-audios-und-jingles-zum-syndikat-2020/ Please send feedback and comments at: aradio-berlin/at/riseup(.)net

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