Intermediate Hindi # 31 : What do you intend to do today? – I feel like walking in a park - interactive role-play quiz


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In this episode, you’re going to review the verbs irādā honā इरादा होना means ‘to intend to’ , mann karnā मन करना means ‘to feel like’ and faislā karnā फैसला करना means ‘to decide’ through a quiz , an interactive role-play and an interactive role-play quiz. Through this podcast, we intend to train listeners to think in Hindi, to help them to be in touch with Hindi, and improve their Hindi at the same time. Kindly support us & get access to extra learning material like weekly Exercise worksheets on Patreon To help us improve the show, kindly give your feedback & suggest some topics on our Facebook page To take a free trial for online Hindi lessons visit:

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