ENC222 – Learning in the Workflow – Updates and Tips for Performance Practitioners with Bob Mosher


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Bob Mosher, Chief Learning Evangelist and Co-Founder of APPLY Synergies, is an influential leader in the learning and development industry. In this podcast episode Christoph Haffner and Thomas Jenewein interview Bob on his 5 Moments of Need framework and the Performance Improvement discipline. After an introduction we hear more about the current state of performance improvement. Bob defines key terminology, shares real world examples, and gives 5 actionable tips for moving towards a performance-first mindset and changing the conversation from training to outcomes. More like always in the EducationNewscast Podcast.


Bob on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bmosher
5 Moments of Need Website: https://www.5momentsofneed.com/
APPLY Synergies Website: https://www.applysynergies.com/
Workflow Learning and Performance Alliance: https://www.5momentsofneed.com/community.htm


1. Start (00:00:08)

2. Introduction Bob Mosher (00:01:11)

3. The 5 Moments of Need framework (00:03:28)

4. Is learning different from help and performance support? (00:07:02)

5. RoIe of learning and performance improvement (00:09:10)

6. Workflow Learning, tasks and tools (00:10:27)

7. Evolving methods and tools (00:17:37)

8. Innovations (00:19:56)

9. VR and AR in performance imrovement (00:25:44)

10. The role of experts and beginners (00:29:34)

11. The problem of transfer (00:32:27)

12. More tips for performance practitioners (00:41:33)

13. Bobs narratives, learning tips and -hacks (00:43:30)

14. Good Bye (00:46:58)

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