DL Insights - 45 - Louis Chenais from Specify breathes life into the design API


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ABOUT THIS EPISODE How will tools for design systems look in the future? Louis Chenais, co-founder at Specify is working with his team exactly on that. His vision is to allow large scale organizations to have total control over their branding with minimal possible friction through a design API. And without replacing tools like Figma. https://dev.digitale-leute.de/?p=13322 ABOUT THE HOST Steffen Gorski is an independent designer from Cologne, focusing on the ideation and creation of digital products, systems, and services. After studying design in Cologne, Essen, and Dublin, he started his own business, working for companies and agencies from different sectors – like Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and BMW. Next to that, he's working as a lecturer for interface design at a local university. ABOUT THE PODCAST Digitale Leute Insights is the podcast for passionate product people. We interview product developers from around the world and take a closer look at their tools and tactics. https://www.digitale-leute.de/podcast/ Contact us for feedback, suggestions or requests via dlredaktion@digitale-leute.de

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