No Justice, No Peace


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Last week, we didn't have our show because we felt it more important to show solidarity with the black community - our friends, family, and countryman - than to carry on with business as usual. We staunchly support the movement, because black lives do matter. They matter every bit as much as everyone else's, but until the black community is treated as such and on equal footing as the rest of us, it's on us to support them and help them and fight for them. And we will continue to learn and change and help. But we will also continue to live and enjoy life in the process.

So the show is back! We talk all about whats happened out here in the past two week in regards to BLM and Covid-19. Spoiler alert: It was a lot. And we rush through basketball, wrestling and hiphop because we had an insane amount of viewer/listener questions to get to!

Thank you everyone for your questions this week. And thank you everyone for your support of the show in general. Continue to learn and change and be uncomfortable. Much love.

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