Covering India's Podcast Ecosystem with Abhishek Baxi of Podcast Hub


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In this episode, we're going to India to talk with Abhishek Baxi of Podcast Hub!

Abhishek is a prolific writer covering tech and podcasting and is the founder of, covering the podcast ecosystem with a focus on the Indian podcasting industry. He is a digital consultant working on digital social media, mobile strategy for brands, organizations, and local businesses. He is also a technology journalist, a Senior Editor at Neowin, a Contributor at The Morning Context, and a Columnist at Hindustan Times.

We talked about:

  • Abhishek's origin story: How he became obsessed with blogging and jumping into podcasting
  • The entirety of the Indian podcasting scene: What is happening there? Abhishek gives us a detailed overview of all the podcasting players in the Indian podcasting space
  • From Amazon's confusing strategy in India to Spotify's acquisition of shows, and India's audio consumption culture
  • How do we make the jump to go from radio to podcasts?
  • Are independent producers and content houses doing well in India? What about investment and circulation?



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