Podcasting in China and The Meaning of Asia with Oscar Fuchs of Mosaic of China


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In this episode, we are going to China to have a conversation with someone who is gathering stories there, none other than the Host of Mosaic of China: Oscar Fuchs!

Oscar is the Host and Producer of Mosaic of China, a lighthearted English language podcast showcasing an array of people who are currently making their mark in China. Previously the Co-Founder of a headhunting company, that venture brought him to many different countries in Asia: three years in Japan, six years in Singapore, three years in Hong Kong, and five years in China. Now he is based in Shanghai.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Oscar's origin story, from completing a 250-kilometer ultra-marathon in Namibia to starting Mosaic of China.
  • The preconceptions and assumptions of China that Oscar is tackling with each episode
  • Podcasting best practices in China and why we need two RSS feeds
  • What's in the pipeline for Oscar as he wraps up Season 1
  • The meaning of Asia as a word and how it is defined by Western influences



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