Season 8 Announcement


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This is the season 8 announcement and this episode is split into two halves. The first 30 minutes is the most important part with all the information about the show; what happening with me; what happening with the podcast; what going to be happening with the episodes coming up and going forward; I also give info about the episodes upcoming; how Im going to be structuring the show going forward and new social media strategy (hint: get on Discord)
In the second half hour I talk about the comments, questions and complaints on a social media post from a few weeks ago because I want to answer all your questions. Its like a state of the union and a catch up and fill in on all the things you may have had on your mind about me, the show or any other stuff!
Hope it answers all your queries and wonderings about where I had been, what's happening with new shows and all that! Season 8 is in effect and Luka Magnotta is the first episode coming this week. is the magic link for everything social and let me know if there are any other questions about the content of this little show!

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