Marshall, Gerow and the War Department’s Contribution to the Pearl Harbor Disaster


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In this episode....the Army, in July 1944, began its three-month Army Pearl Harbor Board investigation. In examining its results, there was no hesitation to criticize and assign blame for the errors made within the War Department; namely, those of Chief of Staff, General George C. Marshall, and its War Plans director, Major General Leonard T. Gerow.

In the summary of the “Top Secret Report Of Army Pearl Harbor Board,” it said, in part, that "Washington was in possession of essential facts as to the enemy’s intentions that showed clearly that war was inevitable and late in November absolutely imminent.”

The War Department had the information. All they had to do was either to give it to General Short or give him directions based upon it.

This week's episode is based on the book "The Indictment of the Pearl Harbor 5," by Donald J. Young, and is available on .

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