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With only 2 episode left from season 5’s finale, tonight’s episode answers any questions about what exactly happened during that DARK YEAR. Also, it teases the up incoming war for the valley between the Monster & the Devil. Mix in a little news with a little “Boss Move Of The Week” and you have a recipe for entertainment! Join hosts Sayrie, Jorge-luis Pallo and Cherry Davis as they break down the episode. Host Taylor Gates will be back with us next week.
The 100 After Show:
Join us on a path into the unknown as we follow the exiles back to planet Earth to test its habitability after nuclear Armageddon destroyed the planet. On THE 100 AFTER SHOW we discuss their journey as they hold the fate of the human race in their hands. Tune in here for reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as the insider scoop from cast and crew members on the show.
The series is set 97 years after a devastating

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