66. Spirit Talks - Heal by breaking the cycle of bad habits and addiction


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There are moments in life that lead to clarity. The moments that wake up what is hiding beneath the surface. Are you ready to explore it with us? This was an incredible conversation about trauma, addiction, unhelpful self talk (head trash), emotions and overall wellbeing for men. These speakers share their stories of overcoming adversity and healing life threatening illnesses, and how changing their mental, emotional, physical and energetic state completely changed their lives to kick addictions, illness and unhelpful patterns to the curb. Spirit Talks Panel Speakers: Natali Brown - https://natalibrown.com/ Sam Shelley - https://www.headtrashanonymous.org/ Brian Berneman - https://www.consciousaction.co.nz/ Glenn Hart - www.hartmedia.co.nz Join the conversations - it's free: https://natalibrown.com/spirit-talks

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