Creating A Community Around Your Podcast W/ Sidwyn Koh Of Kyrie


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ShownotesIn this episode, we're going to talk about community for podcasters. The best person to talk about this is Sidwyn Koh of ( !Kyrie is a platform for podcasters to connect with their listeners: every episode you put out comes with discussion threads that listeners and chime in and contribute to! If listeners get to chance to connect with you, the host, it'll lead to greater loyalty, interaction and sustain of long-term listeners. This episode is half chat half interview: we decided to make this an episode after Sidwyn reached out to me about my pain points as a podcaster.We talked about:How he went from being a developer in Singapore to KyrieThe big leap to the US for studiesMaking a podcast community platform as a solopreneurEnjoy the episode![4:48] Why Sidwyn started Kyrie to solve his pain points[10:00] Podlovers' mission, the Asian podcasting scene, and its current gaps[17:03] Trends: company podcast brands, Subscription vs. Pay-as-you-go[20:21] The big leap from coding to teaching to podcasting[27:14] Sidwyn's observations: commuting, wireless headphones and Spotify[29:14] The Golden Handcuffs[30:23] Some stuff about me personally! + Podlovers plans[33:42] Kyrie features: email services, engagement metrics and roadmap for a podcast engagement platform[39:29] What would you like to see more of in the Asian podcasting scene?( ( Links ( Kyrie's Twitter ( Email Sidwyn here ( What we talked about:James Cridland of Podnews ( Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019 ( Hot Pod News ( Communicate Influence with Sheelagh Caygill's Kyrie ( SG Explained ( Support this podcast

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