Episode 13 with Sara & Sophie: SEA-EYE 4's First Mission (ENG)


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We had to take a bit of a podcast break because I was on the first mission of SEA-EYE 4 as RHIB Communicator, alongside Sára Činčurová, Journalist and Human Rights activist. In this special episode, we share our thoughts, feelings, and impressions from the first-ever rescue mission of Sea-Eye's new vessel. We try to reconstruct the entire mission with its total of 6 rescue cases in less than 3 days and 408 rescued people aboard. We explain our roles and try to give a very personal and heartfelt insight as to what happened aboard the rescue boats and the mothership. Together we recount our most memorable moments, conversations we had with the survivors, and what we've learned during these intense four weeks.
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Sara's article series about pregnant refugees crossing the Med:
https://womensmediacenter.com/women-under-siege/less-than-a-number-how-european-policies-leave-pregnant-refugees-to-die-in-the-mediterranean https://womensmediacenter.com/women-under-siege/pregnant-women-are-still-crossing-the-deadliest-migration-route-in-the-world
Guardian article about the Mission:
[Intro&Outo: Thanks to Jan Wohlfahrt]

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