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Record Label from Luebeck / Schleswig - Holstein / Germany No more activities. 4 years are enough. We had a good time with all our artists, fans and friends. booking artists @ or Nixx Neues (NXXN), founded in November 2014 in Luebeck (Schleswig - Holstein), rose from the ruins of KW-Records which had to close their gates cause of bureaucratic matters. New design, new name but still the same artists, the same organizers with the same love, the same passion for art and music. We are a platform for artists in and around Northern Germany, composed of Live acts, DJ's and producers who want to spice the music scene, often in transcending genres. We try to foster newcomers in the same way as 'old hands' to the business. We had a lot of different types of releases (LPs, EPs, Compilations) since we started and the journey isn`t over. We are open-minded, love different styles of electronic music and do anything just for passion and fun. Promos @

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