068 Two Meaningful Ways to Engage Your Teens in Family Scripture Study


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Anybody out there struggle getting their teens to participate with family scripture study? Are your invitations met with moans and groans and excuses of why they cant or don’t have time? Well my friend, you are in good company.

Keeping your kids engaged in scripture study during their teens can often be a challenge. In today’s episode, we share with you two simple ideas of how you can change your scripture study time so it becomes a bit more palatable for those finicky teens.

We are getting ready for our 5-Day Children Who Know Challenge on September 20. It has been really popular in the past! Plus, this is the first time we're offering it FREE! So if you haven't taken it before, but you want to figure out how to have SIMPLE, POWERFUL family scripture study that helps your children USE the gospel… you should sign up now!

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