#277 Solocast - Gardeners of Eden, Full Temple Reset and Amnesty


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If it’s possible, this is an Organic, Regeneratively Raised Whopper folks, a symphony of flavor packed into a single information flame-broiled burger. I have a bit up ketching up to do here so I’ll outline it a bit for yall!

I’ll dive into land stewardship and our Garden of Eden in Lockhart

Full Temple Reset signup is live and I’ll touch on the focus of that as it pertains to health

Fit For Service Sedona recap and my talk there(synchronicity and alchemy of light/dark)

Eisenstein’s substack on Amnesty! OMG

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Show Notes:

  • KKP #269 Autumn Smith - Paleo Valley
  • 274. Cometh the Horesemen: Pandemic, Famine, War - Michael Yon and Jordan B Peterson


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