43 Adage Annihilation #3: If it Doesn't Hurt You, It Doesn't Change You


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Time to call B.S. on another toxic artifact of today's fitness culture. In this episode, Kelly jumps on a recent exercise physiology study in a scientific journal called Sport to destroy a common adage floating around social media. So is it "fit for the pit"? Let's let science have its say.


Perceived Exertion Study in Sport (2019): https://www.mdpi.com/2075-4663/7/7/161/htm4

Dr. Kennedy Interview: https://www.folio.ca/high-intensity-interval-training-not-worth-the-extra-effort-study-suggests


Perceived Exertion Scale: https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/physical-activity/borg-rating-perceived-exertion-scale


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"A little gem"

I'm a hard sell when it comes to books. If it doesn't grab me, I'm out. But the questions it asks at the start caught my attention. It never let go. After a refreshing analysis of fitness culture, it soon breaks into how to overcome the barriers we face, not by exercising better willpower, but by building a fitness routine based on something really personal... how you actually want fitness to feel.


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